Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sibu Day 4

It's balik time. It's also an early flight (not as early when we came).

It's a 8:40am flight and Wendy's dad came to fetch us to the airport. Actually the initial plan was for 大姐夫 to fetch us. But Mana tau Wendy's dad insisted to fetch us. Lol

Managed to check in (thought we were late, made it in time). We even managed to eat something from Sugar Bun (a KFC lookalike). Not too shabby tho.

I sat with WS and Wendy on the flight home and carried TH to sleep too. Poor boy is tired from playing with all the kids at his maternal grandparents home.

Upon reaching KLIA2, we collected our car and went to Dengkil to eat lunch. Time to rest before work tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sibu Day 3

We started a bit late. (A.k.a. 9am) Yay!

Breakfast. "Find the best laksa in Sibu" ordered dad. The journey is 15mins on foot. Okay.

By the time we got to the recommended area by Google (it was a bit secluded and no one was in the eatery). "Let's go somewhere else" says dad.

We ended up in the kopitiam nearby waiting for our CKT. Hahaha

*Bonus points: there's a Nichii nearby. #shoppinglater

Didn't get to go Nichii. #bummer

But a lot of shopping we did!!! (More like mom did) to the extent that they bought another handcarry bag. Lol

We walked the whole morning till afternoon (2pm) and got back to the hotel to pack up a little and to rest before the wedding dinner tonight.

This wedding dinner I'm going really really low key. As in no heels (I'm wearing sandals), no full makeup (only CC cream, a touch of blush and color lipbalm), a very simple dress and my one and only handbag for this trip. That's it. Possibility the most simple get up for a wedding dinner ever. But this is how they roll here. I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb so I'm trying my best to "blend" in. We'll see...

The wedding dinner is fairly simple and it started relatively early. I had an enjoyable night. . The sweetest Ting Ting who sat next to me at dinner. Offered me to draw / write with her, offered me to watch Pink Panther with her, offered me her cloth when I gave mine to TH, fed me food when I have my hands full with TH, called me Yi-Yi without asking and engaging me in her kids talk.

The brothers were really sporting. Singing through and it looked damn good. Kids running around as usual and VK video called us half way. Food was great but unfortunately with a table with half of them being children most of the food were unfinished. We managed to finish the first two courses tho.

And it ended around 9pm. It could be earlier but we helped them to take their family pictures. Can see that they are really happy tonight.

Congrats to the new couple again!

Sibu Day 1 and 2

Day 1

Flight was an early flight: 6am!!! We had to wake up at 3am ready to go to the airport. We had a slight breakfast at the airport. The flight was fairly on time and I slept all the way but it wasn't sufficient.

Upon reaching Sibu airport, we were picked up by Wendy's brother-in-law and we checked in the hotel and left our stuff there before adjourning to a proper breakfast. Hahahahaha...

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel to rest (sleep). In the evening, we went to out for dinner. And I caught a very mesmerising sunset sight.

Day 2

Breakfast was on our own and we explored around. Our hotel is very strategically located in town. There's lots of food around and the market (UTC) is just around the corner. All within walking distance.

We bought a lot of noodles!!! Then we went to Xiu Long Confectionery to buy some food stuff as souvenir and wanted to GRAB back to the hotel. But the darn driver ate my money!!! Then my dad suggested to yumcha at the kopitiam (we yumcha-ed at least 3 times in one morning) and I made my report against that driver!!!

We waited for Wendy's brother-in-law to pick us up and let us leave out stuff in the hotel before going over to Wendy's parents house.

We had a home cooked meal by Wendy's mom and they chatted a bit before we leave for Sarikei for more food! We went to eat the famous Tomyum in Coconut with large prawns and had some coconut pudding.

It started raining by the time we finished eating. We just walked around the pier before our drive back to Sibu. It was raining cats and dogs by then.

Went back to the hotel to wait out the rain (also because it was too early for dinner 5:50pm). I took a bath and we wanted to try out this restaurant suggested by Wendy's brother-in-law but kena called to another restaurant coz Wendy's father had came up to Sibu. Hahahahaha

Sunday, June 3, 2018

【Drama】Dr.STORKS (Trailer)

I came across this J-Drama: Dr Storks 2 / Kounodori 2 while watching the show in HK. (Season 2 was actually from 2017) The show captivated me then and since my return I had got to know actually they had a season 1 in year 2015. I quickly made myself to watch all the episodes in Season 1 and 2 and grew to love the show tremendously!

It has been a long long time since I last watched a J-Drama and this was a nice surprise. I loved seeing the interactions between the doctors (Konotori sensei, Shimoya sensei, Shinomiya sensei, Imahashi sensei, Shirakawa sensei, Kase sensei and etc), midwife (Komatsu san) and patients.

It was also interesting about the information you get from the series and their storyline. I was captivated in the earlier episode in season 1 where one of the lady who got badly injured in an accident and her heart stopped! The doctors had to do an emergency c-sect right at the ER. Throughout the season we see the single father raising her daughter alone with his struggles and how he finally addressed the matter. Also in Ep 5 of Season 1 where they talked about teen pregnancy. And the last episode of Season 1 where there is another emergency from a mother who had cardiac arrest and the whole procedure was soooo intense and from being in coma till she had woken up. It was soooooo touching!

Season 2 we saw the new challenges faced by the doctors in the end. Shimoya sensei went from Obstetric to ER, Shirakawa sensei left PERSONA to another hospital to challenge himself, Shinomiya sensei went back to the hospital in his hometown after his father passed away (his father was also an Obstetrician) and Komatsu san who decided to come out and build a business of her own to support mothers to be. Konotori sensei stayed in PERSONA and was the connection to everyone.

Finally how can I not mention the pianist "BABY" who is Konotori sensei himself! The piano playlist is really really good. I even downloaded one of the OST. It's that good.

Here's hoping for Season 3!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hyori's Bed & Breakfast Season 2 효리네 민박2

Just finished watching this a few days ago...damn sad!!! 😭😭😭

I wasn't a fan at first. I didn't even watch Season 1.

Truth to be told, I started watching Season 2 just to see Park Bo Gum 박보검. 진짜요!!! After seeing a few episodes I can understand why people were such a big fan of the show! Even after Bo Gum left (he worked as a part timer) I still diligently watched every single week.

How Hyori, Sang Soon and Yoona welcomes the guest (with all their heart), how they interact among each other and the guests, how beautiful Jeju-do is, the advices Hyori gave, the relationship between Hyori and Sang Soon #relationshipgoals
Everything was beautiful!!!
Also not forgetting the animal family! I love Soon Sim & Soon Yi (one each from the dogs and cats).

Throughout the show ever since Hyori have the Bluetooth microphone, there were lots of songs introduced by her and the rest...I got to know 이소라 Lee So Ra's song: Track 3. It is sooooo beautiful! And Yoona composed a song too: 너에게. Her voice is sooo clean and the song slow...now it brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it.

In the last episode, Hyori made a remark that sounded there won't be a Season 3. I'm totally rooting for Season 3. But for now it will be on my replay list for sometime...