Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BKK - Day 4

Since we missed out on the Pratunam Morning market the day before, we were on a mission to visit this famed market in the morning. We reached the place at 7:30am and the place was packed with people! I totally cannot believe my eyes seeing the sight of people doing wholesale in pasar pagi style.

I managed to shopped more (thanks to Robert's emergency stash. What would we do without you?). And after shopping we hanged around Platinum Mall to wait for Central World to be open so that I can mail out some postcards (which had been like a ritual since Japan days) and also to have one last taste of After You before we go home.

Who says you can't have dessert as breakfast?

Me with my Nutella Toast! *Just went to heaven and back*

BKK - Day 3

The day started with us leaving the hotel  and arriving at the Pratunam Market at around almost 9am. It was told that the market closes at 8am and we missed it. Nevertheless we went in to the market and bought some stuff here and there and walked in Platinum Mall. We practically just shopped and shopped till we couldn't shop no more.

Stopped by Central World to rest our feet (me mostly while the girls were in Kameekama). And finally had After You's famous Shibuya Honey Toast at Sim Paragon. The girls are converted fans!!! And how I missed it so much!

Monday, September 11, 2017

BKK - Day 2

We were told that the Pratunam Market is not open fully on Monday so we decided to change with Day 3 plan's instead.

Both me and SN slept until dunno what time while SY woke up early. Robert asked what were our itinerary and we sorta said to meet up at Terminal 21 reachable at BTS Asok. BTS is really quite convenient. It's our main transportation and GRAB too.

Robert who is late (again, what's new. At least he didn't ffk) while we settled in Yum Saap even though he asked us to go to the food court. (Food court too many people during lunch time so we gave up). Had a nice time catching up (meeting in BKK not in KL wtf) and Robert treated us (Kob krun kaa) and be our sugar daddy (ahahhahahaha). He also made some recommendations which we will be going in a while.

After lunch we went to this Buddist temple that SY's mom asked her to go for some errands. Then we made our way to Chocolate Ville via GRAB of course.

The view at Chocolate Ville is really beautiful. Thanks to Robert for recommending. It was definitely not in our mind to visit this place. And thanks to the promo code from GRAB we grabbed all the way till night!

At night we went to Esplanade to go to the
Ratchada Train Market for look see look see. However it started to rain after an hour of us being there and we headed back to the hotel.

BKK - Day 1

Reached BKK in the afternoon. After getting ourselves (me and SY) a local sim card (yay to dual SIM card) we took a bus from the airport to a nearby BTS station. My first time using their local transportation. Then it started raining.
N.O. UMBRELLA! Luckily the BTS station was not too far away. But still...

We got to the BTS and sorted our tickets. Then we were already hungry and had "lunch" eating bread. Lol

Finally we got to our BTS Station - Chit Lom but the rain was still heavy so we seek shelter in the malls assessible by the Sky Walk. By the time it stopped raining we went to check in our hotel. Boy the lady at the reception is such a BITCH! So LCLY. We checked into our room freshen ourselves up and went out to Asiatique.

Asiatique a rooftop market is quite nice. Very hipster-ish with lots of makan and the view is very nice too! The ferry to Asiatique is also free for tourists. We bought some stuff (as in me).

When we finally went back, we couldn't find a suitable massage parlour near our hotel. Could it be because we are surrounded by the posh posh hotels who have their own spas? We will have to try our luck the next day.

Monday, September 4, 2017


The longest weekend in 2017 is going to be over.

31 Aug (Thursday) - National Day
1 Sept (Friday) - Hari Raya Haji
4 Sept (Monday) - Public Holiday announced by the PM due to the good results from the SEA Games 2017 hosted by Malaysia.

I'm actually quite looking forward back to work because this long weekend I didn't plan anything.

But before that I hope the kiddos are going to be okay, SF - had some really bad allergy on his skin, SJ - had fever and VK not well too.