Sunday, June 28, 2015

280615 Half day whirlwind trip to Lion City!

I know rite. =)

Sounds crazy but it is true.

We didn't know that it will end so early for us. In fact I'm quite disappointed. We managed to see a few places (Merlion, Orchard Road, Clarke Quay) and managed to spend around 40 mins at my Aunt's place in Chinatown.

All and all, it was still okay.

Imma gonna leave some photos here while I snooze back to KL. =p

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Folding the Marie Kondo way

I feel so accomplished today!

I just got to know about the way to tidy Marie Kondo's way a while ago and googled on YouTube yesterday for the methods.

I didn't really follow 100% yet as some of the items are not mine (VK's) and only got started on my stuff. The folding method really impressed me! I can actually store more (I don't really know why) and I felt so wonderful!

Got rid lots of paper stuff, donated books and cleared lots of other stuff as well...I felt that I could do more! Yesterday night after I watched a few folding videos, I cleared some part of my wardrobe till 1am! This morning after breakfast, I tackled the other section of my wardrobe, table, files, books, etc. I've never been so excited to clear my room. Ever.

I will need to clear the others next week and I can't wait!

In the meantime, I also got to transfer my wallet. I got a Samantha Vega wallet from my Japan trip. It's like an early birthday present!

So love! <3

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Trip down South...Day 2

We had breakfast in the morning with WK and his in-laws at the mamak nearby. Had a nice time playing peekaboo with Rayyan.

Then it is off to see 小姨婆 whom I haven't met in a long time. So nice to be in her house (I haven't been into since she moved) and to meeting her daughters. This has been quite a nostalgic trip for me.

For lunch 小姨婆 brought us to Tea Garden and I had 绿豆爽 which I haven't been able to get in KL. I had to ORDER it!

Then we adjourned to Malacca to have dinner with the Grandparents. And bought a cake to celebrate...just...

Overall, it was a nice trip back to somewhere so dear to me. I haven't been back in a while and it's good to be back. Kudos to Dad for driving these two days. He mentioned that we are more tired than he is and its true. My Superman...

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trip down South...Day 1

Heading down South today! =))))))))

I haven't been able to travel South as much as I wanted prior due to commitments...but now that I am free of it, I hope and wish that I can travel down South more!

First stop, grandparents place in Malacca. I haven't seen them properly since CNY. And I really treasure the time seeing them today. Grandma got a bit angry coz we didn't had lunch with her today. Felt so bad. And it's my first time seeing her like that...

Upon reaching JB, we headed to fulfill our cravings for 果条仔. And proceeded to check in before visiting Aunty 珠珍. Since it rained quite heavily when we arrived, they asked us to park at their porch. It felt like coming home! So nostalgic!!! And we had a nice chat remising the good old days...

Then headed to WK's house for dinner before going back to the hotel to freshen up. Now waiting for WK to fetch me and WS up for yum cha...