Sunday, November 23, 2014

CY & Ade KL Reception

Yesterday was the KL reception for CY and Ade. CY and me go way back in Form 6 where he was my assistant monitor. Am so happy for him to finally find someone to spend his life with.

It was a busy day for us too. Ad we were helping him out for the wedding and me being his emcee. It was an honour tho. And we managed to surprise them. Success!

Here's to many more years of happiness and bliss to the both of them.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BFF wedding

Been neglecting here for some time. As the title suggests, it is my BFF Erin's special day! She had her ROM in September and her wedding in October. I had the honor to be in both events and I'm sooooo happy for her! Wishing the best to the both of them SC and Erin!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What i have been up to since Sandakan trip

1. 第11届拿督振发杯中文媒体羽球团体赛
This was during the first day of Raya. Needless to say, we lost to the better teams of Astro and Kwang Hua. However, in the spirit of good sportsmanship we had a great time.

2. Popular book fest at KLCC.
Was helping out my colleagues last weekend. They were short handed especially on weekends. Spent some money to buy stuff for the kiddies...

3. WK came back home for a night's stay.
Was pleasantly surprised to find that WK was staying over for one night. But was too tired to layan at night and the next morning after breakfast I had to leave for dance class. But will be seeing him again next week.

4. Bringing the kiddies to A&W to revive our childhood memories...damn sad that they didn't have much to offer that day...

5. Sick
My nose is running as I'm typing now. Argghhh...

Monday, July 21, 2014

3D2N Sandakan Trip

It was a rather relaxing 3D2N trip to the east side. But the weather was scorching hot to say the least. I should be at least 2 shades darker now.

We enjoyed two days of the Ramadan bazaar, central market, Agnes & Keith house, English Tea House, Sandakan bay, Hundred steps trail, Puu Jih Shih temple, Sim Sim 88 restaurant...

The view was great, the people hospitable, and everything was within walking distance (almost) and we had a no frills, no restrictions holidays.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Many thanks to Elsa and Bella's team for welcoming me and YF to attend the event. It was a fun filled day with lots and lots of goodies bag for everyone. Thank you Bella!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Makan makan

I've been on a cafe hunt recently since lots of cafe have been popping around especially in the PJ area. Some of the areas are where I used to go to but was not "in" as time went by (e.g. Seapark / Paramount Garden / SS2). These cafe brought some life to these places. Others are quite new to me which I don't mind to explore more.

I try to visit a different cafe once a week (is that too much?) saying that it's a once a while thing.

Its quite nice to visit new places sometimes. And that means an adventure... =)

Happy blessed day

Thanks to all well wishes! Truly blessed to be able to be surrounded by family and friends... My wish is that everyone to be blessed with good health and happiness.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mustering courage for...

This...but not so much of traveling for so long...attempting for solo travel first... *cross fingers*

Friday, May 23, 2014

Wedding weekend

Last 2 weeks was a wedding weekend for me as I have 2 wedding dinners back to it is with most weddings it is about the gathering of people there. I'm glad that I managed to capture some really nice pictures for remembrance.

Congrats to Wendy & Liong. (We had so much fun posing outside the reception hall during toilet break at Concorde Hotel. And after the wedding dinner I had to rush back home to bring mom, VK and the kiddies to Malacca for a 2D2N trip. And got to taste Calyn's homemade ice-cream. Truly So. Heavenly)

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Ron Thum. (Also congrats to Irene for being 新奶奶. We had lots of fun taking photos and sharing with Master Yeo on Whatsapp. It was hilarious.)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Datuk Lee San Chinese Media Badminton Tournament 2014

May 1st wasn't an ordinary Labor's Day. I had attended the Datuk Lee San's Chinese Media tournament with my colleagues. It was fun (and nerve wrecking) playing against the other Chinese media in the industry. We got 9th position out of 12 teams which is quite alright considering that the women's double and mixed double is quite week. We need to buck up. Lol

Here's to more tournament fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

270414 Eventful day

It has been a rather eventful day today. It started out rather great! I had breakfast at home bought by my dad, I had enough time to leisurely arrive at studio, I even dressed up to a hip hop theme too. Lunch was at a cozy new place in TTDI. Then as I headed home...

BANG! Next thing I knew I was at the police station doing the report and going down to Tun H S Lee Traffic Station doing statement. I wasn't at fault, the accident involved 5 cars back to back with me being in the middle (third car). The car last in line hit us all. Luckily for us only our cars took the impact and suffered. We (the people) are all okay.

Came home to unwind watching #starawards20 and enjoy family's company.

As I reflect on this, I am grateful for:

1. I am unharmed and alive. Coz this could totally take a bad turn! You never know what accidents could end up.

2. I have great friends and family. Thanks to both Danny & Jazz who were with me at the start and I asked them to leave first knowing they had an appointment for dinner. Being there with me at first hand really just outs me at peace coz sometimes you do not have a clear head after getting a shock.

3. The nice people I encountered. This I'm referring to the other drivers involved in the accident. Thanks to En. M and family who guided me all the way to Tun H S Lee Traffic Police Station. The guy at the police station who guided us all the way to meeting the officer in charge (although I know that he was trying to get business from me).

4. I think we managed to get the things done fairly quickly despite being on a weekend, the roads partially closed for President Obama's visit and all.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I just hope that this small incident is to take its place for a big incident. As the saying goes:大事化小、小事化无。

Tomorrow will be a better day. All bad things will come to an end. Fighting!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Korean Language

I finally found back the motivation I needed to studying back Korean. Not only to communicate better with Seon Young but to also learn from my very first Korean teacher. I found Jane!

I took my first lesson with her (more than 5 years back) and it is through her that I feel my foundation for Korean is there (not exactly solid as I had forgotten most part of it). We talked for about an hour updating on our lives and it was real joy to see her again! I had a gut feeling it was her but seeing her in the flesh was awesome. And she remembered me which is double yay!

I can't wait to embark on my Korean Language with her in the next level although she will be taking over the last 3 classes. Woohoo! Let the journey begin.


March 2014 Weddings

There were 3 weddings in March 2014 which were on the weekends back to back which kick started the whole wedding scene for me.

1. Ex-colleague Chia's wedding
The wedding was quite a small scale and I was quite surprised that she put me and another ex-colleague at the table right in front of the stage (and the speaker too). Felt so happy for her! 😘🎉

2. La-Sallian Master Ong's wedding
This was the wedding that I was looking forward to simply because it was a La-Sallian affair. It was always fun to attend La-Sallian functions as you can expect lots of laughter from start to end. Totally enjoyed myself. I must point out the video for the morning session was beautifully done. All of us agreed. It was enjoyable to watch.

3. Colleague Yuen Ching's wedding
This was more like work related function but we enjoyed it nonetheless because everyone put down their designation and came out as friends. I must mention that the food that night at Oriental Pavilion was simply delicious! The names were quite apt and lovely. The first 4 dishes literally blew me away; especially the first dish and the fish dish. Oh the fish, I'm salivating just thinking about that fish. 😂

Blessed marriage to all!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Blues (or Yellow)

Image taken from today's 南洋商报:副刊

And it is definitely how I felt! At least now it will be coming to an end. 가자!

Monday, March 10, 2014

2nd week of March 2014

It has been an eventful week. Let me run through the events till now...

1. The water rationing has started for the Klang Valley folks. We have water every two days (for 14 hours) and the cycle continues for the remaining days in March until we have a steady rainfall so that the reservoir has enough water.

2. The haze came back. 😱

3. I have appointments the whole weekday (Mon-Fri) and came back after 9pm. Only came back on Thursday to bathe and go out again.

4. SJ fell down with a small hole in her forehead and had to be admitted for surgery. She scared everyone but herself. Still jumpin' around. And SF was bunking in my room and woke me up at 5:50 am! Arghhhhh...

5. Lastly, my 3rd Auntie passed away just a day shy of her birthday due to cancer. She had a relapse and had lost the battle. We had been visiting her for the last 3 weeks and she seemed to look better albeit being weak. I guess she is free from the pain and went to be with God. RIP

Last week alone was filled with activities. I hope it will be better this week. Go!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines & Happy Chap Goh Mei

This year's Valentines Day coincidentally collide with Chap Goh Mei which is the Chinese version of Valentines Day! The day is filled with love. Feel so lovey dovey... ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY 2014

Still on a roll with CNY. It ain't over yet. Hahaha

Here's a recap of what happened for the past few days.

We had dinner outside breaking our 4 years steamboat reunion dinner tradition. We had nyonya food (halal. I must stress it is halal due to WK's family religion) at Seapark. It was quite okay only that the service is quite slow. It is manned by a group of aunties hence the reason. It was of many firsts: Rayyan's first reunion dinner with us and WS's GF joining in too.

CNY Day 1
Our yearly ritual is to gather at my eldest uncle's house for the tea pouring ceremony whereby the younger generation serve tea to each elder, one married couple at a time. Then it is off to the temple in the heart of KL. Usually after prayers, I will join the La-Sallians for our annual house hopping trip. We always hop till midnight. 😝

CNY Day 2
Destination: Malacca👴👵
We make our way to grandparents house and get ready for the lunch feast. (This tradition is in the second year running) I'm in charge of my sis's kids while she prepare. We have a steady increase of population each year and the house tends to get noisy when the kids are excited. 😁

CNY Day 3
Destination: Sekinchan
This tradition is in it's this year running. We pay a visit to our sworn family and it's getting crazier cox all the kids are about the same age and it's really "happening".👶

CNY Day 4 & 5
This year I planned to use these two extra days for movie marathon cox there were so many movies to watch OMG! However all plans went down the drain when I had scumbled to the flu.


Instead I spent the two days nursing myself back to health (still coughing BTW) and count my blessings. I still devoured into my favorite CNY cookies. Worry about the rest later. 😆

CNY Day 6
Start work! Since mom said it was a good day to start might as well follow.

Huat ah!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Legends vs Curent Leads! Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - Badminton Returns 2 (2014.01.28) (+pl...

This badminton match is really daebak! The first one was the continuation of the match with Nickhun in it. Coach Lee was coaching Nickhun all the way during the game and Coach Lee did some amazing jump smashes!

The last match is between the legends vs the current leads. How exciting...I remember watching Kim Dong Moon playing when I was younger and now I watch Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong. Badminton is something I can totally relate to because I play it myself and this match taught me so much. It is not about smashing all the time and being in the offense, you need to have good foundation for defense too. I need to buck up on my play and practice more. I am keeping this video for memory and reference.


Friday, January 17, 2014

On call 36 II

I never really paid much attention to On Call 36 especially in season 1. I totally didn't watch it and was wandering what the hype is all about...However ever since I started watching On Call 2 midway, I was pulled in by the storyline and the characters. 一件头,鱼仔,洋葱,车车,美雪,Ben, 林爷,笑姐,Dr Lokman, 仟兒, Moon, David and many many more...

I have finally finished watching the last episode and it warms my heart to no end. I think I really like medical dramas...

Hope to see On Call 3.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First travel of the year

To see...


Although came back really, really was all worth it...and we got to see someone we haven't seen in a long long time...she's the first and last baby my mom babysat in JB. She such a beauty and so big...couldn't recognize her...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First post for 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Numerous fireworks sent in by friends.

I am looking forward to the many challenges that will be throwing at me...bring it on! *throw pie*