Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 1 Sinchon & Hongdae

Second time in Korea within the year. I think I might have utilized my quota. Now I'm really not sure when is the next time I will be back.

We arrived in the morning and went to our accomodation in Sinchon but which is near to Hongdae.

The weather wasn't kind to us. It rained ALL DAY!!! Although I would much prefer it to bring VERY HOT in summer.

Accompanying VK as it is her first visit here. But we got an unruly welcome from the Ajumma from Hongik's Metro station who scolded us for not buying her shoes. Hey, it's my right whether to buy or not.

Anyway on to happier things, I showed VK some of the place which she missed previously and met up with Jazz. Also made a new friend (Jazz's friend).

Sunday, August 21, 2016


It's been a gruelling 2 weeks of Olympic games. It is almost coming to an end.

I would like to thank all the athletes who did their best putting our name out there in the games. Please know that we appreciate all your hard work preparing for the games. 수고하셨습니다.

Our 4 silver and 1 bronze is by no means an easy feat! Thank you.

As the games end, let's look forward for the next Olympics in 2020.

Malaysia Boleh!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


One of our major event for end of July and early August is Sai Yan & Chiu Teing's wedding weekend in Singapore and in KL.

First is our wedding weekend in Singapore. We took our flight out to Singapore via Fireflyz on early Saturday. We were on the same flight with Channy and Ngiam.

Upon reaching Singapore airport and collecting my WiFi router, CY took us to his house where we had pizza for lunch and had a house tour.

After lunch, CY and Ade needs to visit Ade's dad at the hospital. So me and PH head to the Gardens by the Bay since both of us haven't been there before. After walking around admiring the place, we still had a bit of time and we went to the Kuan Im temple at Bugis St. We later went to Kallang to meet up with CY and Ade before going to Kallang waterfront to see the fireworks from their National Day rehearsal. We chatted a lot throughout and the fireworks were awesome!!!

We then headed to Tiramisu Hero but it was soooo crowded. In the end, we went to this Bao place which I had forgotten the name.

Went back to CY's place to help out with some last minute #IanWCT2016 hashtags before adjourning to bed.

The next day after getting ready, we were getting ready to head to the hotel for their afternoon reception but there were no taxi to take us. After waiting for quite a while, finally found a taxi and we made it just in time for the wedding reception.

It was so different having so many friends over in Singapore for the event. But I'd say that Singaporeans are more reserved during their Yum Seng session. We did it out own way at our table tho.

After the reception, we went over to one of Orchard road's shopping complex to have bingsu and have a chat before we head off to the airport. Me, PH and KY went to People's Park Complex for KY to collect his luggage before going to the Airport. I managed to call my aunt and had this Mango shave which PH said it is not so nice anymore.

We then slowly made our way to the airport and since we are at different terminal, we parted ways then. We actually wanted to meet up before we fly but it was not possible.

Then fast forward to the following weekend, it was the KL reception. It was at Cheras Imperial Palace. It was like a small gathering but with more kids. Hahaha.

It was a really intimate lunch reception.


Aiya, neglected this little space of mine. So, i'm going to do a major #throwback for July 2016.

Media Badminton Tournament
The annual badminton tournament for the Chinese Media. Our philosophy is to have fun!!! Although we didn't win the title but our table did win big at the lucky draw during the dinner. I got myself a Samsung Galaxy J1 which I had passed on to my mom...

Popular Bookfest 2016
Also an annual affair which our company would have a booth there selling / promoting our publications. We'd be helping out and having fun while we are at it.

That's most of onto the next big event...