Sunday, August 10, 2014

What i have been up to since Sandakan trip

1. 第11届拿督振发杯中文媒体羽球团体赛
This was during the first day of Raya. Needless to say, we lost to the better teams of Astro and Kwang Hua. However, in the spirit of good sportsmanship we had a great time.

2. Popular book fest at KLCC.
Was helping out my colleagues last weekend. They were short handed especially on weekends. Spent some money to buy stuff for the kiddies...

3. WK came back home for a night's stay.
Was pleasantly surprised to find that WK was staying over for one night. But was too tired to layan at night and the next morning after breakfast I had to leave for dance class. But will be seeing him again next week.

4. Bringing the kiddies to A&W to revive our childhood memories...damn sad that they didn't have much to offer that day...

5. Sick
My nose is running as I'm typing now. Argghhh...