Thursday, June 22, 2017

Birthday month

Better fasterly post this before it goes to July. Lol

This year's birthday coincidentally collides with father's day. I found it weird. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I do not like that. When I was born it was father's day. And every 12 years since then (12, 24 you get the drift) my birthday  will collide with father's day. This year was not suppose to be that collide year but it is. That's why I found it weird.

This year tho I have trips / events leading up to my birthday.

I took a half day off 3 days before my birthday (also an excuse to clear some leave) to have some me time at a cafe (Wild Sheep Chase) at Tmn Desa. And coincidentally the time I arrived happened to be their buy 1 free 1 drink. I got to take away a Oolong Milk Tea while having their signature souffle and Earl Grey Milk Tea. I take that as a sign from the universe a gift for my birthday because I could missed that timing as I left the office later than my usual half day. #somuchwin

The next day it was PH's treat for me. This year Channy just had Katrina so it was just the two of us (which reminds me to start thinking where to bring her for her birthday next month). We had a nice fish & chips at Cor Blimey in Subang for dinner. I have not been there before and it was a nice change. The only thing was she told the server it was my birthday and asked if there was a free dessert? I was soooo embarrassed! Luckily it wasn't at Chilli's or TGIF if not I will faint! We did get a free dessert in the end (fried Snickers with ice cream).

The day before my birthday was our long awaited Pulau Ketam trip with my colleagues and ex-colleagues. The trip was nice and relaxing. It was cloudy all day and was breezy so it enjoyable. It rained when we got back to Klang Jetty so that was a bit of letdown. But all is good.

On my birthday itself for lunch I met up with SY. A long lunch to just chit chat and planned two holidays for the year. Can't wait!

At the end of the day I had dinner together with mom and dad, VK's family and WS's family. Just a simple casual one. And there was no cake. I hadn't had a cake for my birthday this year which SF exclaimed "Yi ma, why your birthday got nothing to eat? Why no cake?" Ahahahhahaa
I guess cakes are for kids after all for birthdays.

Of course I had lots of wishes on my birthday. Also some gifts too. Thanks so much. I guess a simple birthday like this is what I would like very much. 😄