Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BKK - Day 4

Since we missed out on the Pratunam Morning market the day before, we were on a mission to visit this famed market in the morning. We reached the place at 7:30am and the place was packed with people! I totally cannot believe my eyes seeing the sight of people doing wholesale in pasar pagi style.

I managed to shopped more (thanks to Robert's emergency stash. What would we do without you?). And after shopping we hanged around Platinum Mall to wait for Central World to be open so that I can mail out some postcards (which had been like a ritual since Japan days) and also to have one last taste of After You before we go home.

Who says you can't have dessert as breakfast?

Me with my Nutella Toast! *Just went to heaven and back*

BKK - Day 3

The day started with us leaving the hotel  and arriving at the Pratunam Market at around almost 9am. It was told that the market closes at 8am and we missed it. Nevertheless we went in to the market and bought some stuff here and there and walked in Platinum Mall. We practically just shopped and shopped till we couldn't shop no more.

Stopped by Central World to rest our feet (me mostly while the girls were in Kameekama). And finally had After You's famous Shibuya Honey Toast at Sim Paragon. The girls are converted fans!!! And how I missed it so much!

Monday, September 11, 2017

BKK - Day 2

We were told that the Pratunam Market is not open fully on Monday so we decided to change with Day 3 plan's instead.

Both me and SN slept until dunno what time while SY woke up early. Robert asked what were our itinerary and we sorta said to meet up at Terminal 21 reachable at BTS Asok. BTS is really quite convenient. It's our main transportation and GRAB too.

Robert who is late (again, what's new. At least he didn't ffk) while we settled in Yum Saap even though he asked us to go to the food court. (Food court too many people during lunch time so we gave up). Had a nice time catching up (meeting in BKK not in KL wtf) and Robert treated us (Kob krun kaa) and be our sugar daddy (ahahhahahaha). He also made some recommendations which we will be going in a while.

After lunch we went to this Buddist temple that SY's mom asked her to go for some errands. Then we made our way to Chocolate Ville via GRAB of course.

The view at Chocolate Ville is really beautiful. Thanks to Robert for recommending. It was definitely not in our mind to visit this place. And thanks to the promo code from GRAB we grabbed all the way till night!

At night we went to Esplanade to go to the
Ratchada Train Market for look see look see. However it started to rain after an hour of us being there and we headed back to the hotel.

BKK - Day 1

Reached BKK in the afternoon. After getting ourselves (me and SY) a local sim card (yay to dual SIM card) we took a bus from the airport to a nearby BTS station. My first time using their local transportation. Then it started raining.
N.O. UMBRELLA! Luckily the BTS station was not too far away. But still...

We got to the BTS and sorted our tickets. Then we were already hungry and had "lunch" eating bread. Lol

Finally we got to our BTS Station - Chit Lom but the rain was still heavy so we seek shelter in the malls assessible by the Sky Walk. By the time it stopped raining we went to check in our hotel. Boy the lady at the reception is such a BITCH! So LCLY. We checked into our room freshen ourselves up and went out to Asiatique.

Asiatique a rooftop market is quite nice. Very hipster-ish with lots of makan and the view is very nice too! The ferry to Asiatique is also free for tourists. We bought some stuff (as in me).

When we finally went back, we couldn't find a suitable massage parlour near our hotel. Could it be because we are surrounded by the posh posh hotels who have their own spas? We will have to try our luck the next day.

Monday, September 4, 2017


The longest weekend in 2017 is going to be over.

31 Aug (Thursday) - National Day
1 Sept (Friday) - Hari Raya Haji
4 Sept (Monday) - Public Holiday announced by the PM due to the good results from the SEA Games 2017 hosted by Malaysia.

I'm actually quite looking forward back to work because this long weekend I didn't plan anything.

But before that I hope the kiddos are going to be okay, SF - had some really bad allergy on his skin, SJ - had fever and VK not well too.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Perth - Day 6

We were so tired in the morning from yesterday's activities that we decided not to go anywhere but be in the hotel to pack our bags home. We just enjoyed our time eating whatever is left in the fridge and packing our things.

We took the bus from the hotel to the airport (all 20+ of us) and I've experienced the bus's considerate moves. They actually lead out the ramp for us as we were pulling all the luggages. (I can see the disable using this feature).

We were fairly early to the airport (our flight was at 4:40pm and we reached around 1:30pm). So we had lots of time to spare to continue eating our food (there was cakes, bread, oranges, yogurt - browns brand). I wished we were able to shop in their supermarket one more time to buy their Vegemite, peanut butter and some other tidbits as suggested by Nana. Will take note for next time.

We reached back KLIA2 at 10:30pm and reached home almost 12am. I was absolutely pooped returning home that I didn't even wash up.

That's the end of our Perth trip. What can I say about the trip: Perth is a beautiful city. I wished I had been able to explore more (King's Park, Fremantle Market).

Travelling in a big group is definitely not for me. I'd prefer in smaller groups (5 maximum) for the flexibility of it. Travelling in a big group requires more patience and effort.

I really enjoyed travelling with our group of 5. Except when they start taking photos 360 degrees with their uncountable patterns. I liked that it was like having 5 moms who would look after you.

Time to clear up my mind as work commences tomorrow.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Perth - Day 5

We are going out to sea today! We are going to Rottnest Island. Maxime was our guide for the tour for the whole day.

The ferry ride to Rottnest is really really rough! The waves are really choppy today and it took us an hour to get there while normally it takes 40-45 mins. I was feeling really awful after that boat ride. A lot of people threw up on the ferry. It was horrible. 😭

Nevertheless the view at Rottnest Island made up for it. There are beautiful waves and trees which looked like it was to be uprooted (it's the tree's way of surviving). Rottnest Island has around 200 residents and in order to live here, your job needs to be required before and after the ferry leaves. E.g. police, nurse, rangers. The children of these residents are able to attend school in Rottnest (10 children) and there are 2 teachers. There is a waiting list for teachers to be transferred over but the two teachers are not willing to give it up anytime soon (according to Mia our guide).

The island is really beautiful and there is so much stories about the island. Because of the rough winds, the island experiences quite a lot of erotion at the West side and they are doing quite a lot of work to help to prolong it.

The island has many quokkas which we saw along the way. They are not that afraid of humans and are just nonchalant towards us. I even managed a selfie with one! However, quokkas are not able deal well with human food as it makes their beautiful fur shed into tiny botak patches.

We had a lovely buffet lunch and explored the island with our guide Maxime. The neighbourhood is quite serene with many holiday houses to be rented out. Our boat fare goes to Rottnest Island itself for it's preservation works and upkeep.

The ride back to Perth mainland was better than the morning ride and we headed back to the hotel. We had an appointment with 表婶's boss who played host for dinner. We toured his house which is located out of the city (30mins) and met with his wife and daughter-in-law (Nana) and has Chinese dinner (our first full fledged dinner in Perth). I had a nice conversation with Nana and Sean while the adults were chatting.

Then they took us to the casino where we took photos after photos and to Elizabeth Quay. The view was pretty and we were the only ones there walking. It was nearly 12am by the time we got back to the hotel and we were so pooped.

It was a long day!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perth - Day 4

It is our free and easy day. Weather was kind to us in a lot of ways (rained when we are indoors). Again we have the skies to thank. Thank Buddha!

We (a BIG group of 20+ of us) took the bus and train to Fremantle.

Our first stop is the Round House. It is their old jail which is now a part of their Heritage. Round House because it is in a round shape. The cell and officers office are in it. There are around 8 cells with no windows. I shudder to think what it will be like in the cell with the doors closed.

Next is the Bathers Beach which is below the Round House. The wind was very rough on us today. Maybe it is telling us to go faster? Coz it made us take two steps forward with every step we took.

Lunch is at Sweetlips Fremantle. Which is Fish and Chips (again). Lol we ordered a sharing platter with grilled fish, prawns, squid and fries.

Then we went to the habour for more pictures before the shopping started. I bought some postcards to be sent back home and family and friends. Luckily the post office is just 6 doors away from the souvenir shop. I must thank VK for enlightening me the "send a postcard home" while on vacation. At least there is something to look forward to. Also as a souvenir.

Then we headed to the cheapest chemist for shopping of supplements. I bought some cheap makeup as souvenir. Then the four of us had to head back first to meet up with Auntie Elaine's friend who helped is to buy Tim Tams (coz it was on offer). Before we head back we stopped by Woolworths again to stock up on food (Strawberries were going for 2 for $4. We bought 4). And I had to go and buy us some cakes co it's mom's birthday today! After that we had to lunge all that back to the hotel and we were pooped. After that Auntie Maggie's boss came to visit her and Auntie Elaine's friend came shortly after. We had a nice time chit chatting.

Auntie Maggie announced (after she had returned after her "kidnap") that her boss wants to belanja us for dinner the next day. Lol

We had so much laughs that night.

Perth - Day 3

Headed up North. It was 1-2 hours drive each way. Weather was reported to be rainy and windy. I have to say that we have the skies to thank as it rained when we were indoors (in the bus) and sunny when we visited the places of interest.

First up, Lancelin Sand Dune. We got to try to do sand boarding. It is soooo much fun! But the climb up is exhausting. With sands going in your shoes / socks. I only managed to do two rounds.

Lunch was at Lobster Shack. Our driver was competing with the other tour group to get there first. Lol so that we can eat first because the orders queue up. It was yummy!

After that we headed to the Pinnacles Desert. We just took pictures around the dessert starting point coz 1) we have 40 mins for this activity 2) no sense of direction 3) we wouldn't want to get lost.

It is Guilderton / Moore River next. It had been raining ever since we left Pinnacles Desert. So by the time we arrived at Guilderton it was cloudy and windy. The sky was quite glum as we disembarked the bus. But slowly but surely the sun made its way out and we had a lovely view of the river. It was glorious to say the least. Just beautiful!

Our guide made a pitstop at Yanchep National Park for us to see some wild kangaroos. They are really afraid of people unlike the ones in the zoo. As the bus approached they hopped away! It was so cute and there was so many of them. Some just stared at us (like who are you?) as we went clicker crazy on the bus. Lol

We reached back into the city at 6:30pm and it was already pitch black. Too tired for more walking me and Auntie Maggie went to the nearest supermarket to stock up on some veggies and yogurt. And that's for Day 3.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Perth - Day 2

We are out to play. First stop is to go to Penguin Island! To get there we need to take a boat and the ferry is 45mins out of Perth City in the outskirts. Admiring the view as we head out.

The wind was as quite strong and I was freezing! We had a nice guided tour around the area and it was facinating to see the animals up close! Pelicans, dolphins, Kings Skink, Seal and etc. Obviously we were not able to see the penguins. They go fishing out in the early mornings and only come back an hour after sunset.

Lunch was at the jetty's Pengo's cafe. We had a lovely fish and chips and I had a mocha to go along with it. We eat outdoors and our food and drinks got cold pretty fast!

After that we headed to Caversham Wildlife Park where we met with most of the AUS animals. Wombat, Possum, Koala, Kangaroo and etc. Did you know that the Koala sleeps for 20 hours and wakes up for 4 hours to eat? Sounds like a good life to me. The kangaroos were very chill with all the visitors feeding and taking its picture. Totally cool.

Finally it is time to go back to the hotel. We made a pit stop at Woolworths to stock up on our groceries and food to eat back at our hotel room. The strawberries were really sweet, I love it! Gotta go and stock up soon. Eat All the Strawberries!

That marks the end for Day 2.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Perth - Day 1

Reached Perth International Airport at 3:30pm local time. After checking in, we just explored the neighbourhood.

Teambuilding @ The Waterway Villa Bentong

Let the pictures speak for itself. Except I don't have pictures on the military boot camp. That was brutal (5 x 1 min plank, 100+ jumping jacks, some sit ups, jumping hoola hoops, crawling on the ground and more push-ups than I could ever do in a year!).

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Birthday month

Better fasterly post this before it goes to July. Lol

This year's birthday coincidentally collides with father's day. I found it weird. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I do not like that. When I was born it was father's day. And every 12 years since then (12, 24 you get the drift) my birthday  will collide with father's day. This year was not suppose to be that collide year but it is. That's why I found it weird.

This year tho I have trips / events leading up to my birthday.

I took a half day off 3 days before my birthday (also an excuse to clear some leave) to have some me time at a cafe (Wild Sheep Chase) at Tmn Desa. And coincidentally the time I arrived happened to be their buy 1 free 1 drink. I got to take away a Oolong Milk Tea while having their signature souffle and Earl Grey Milk Tea. I take that as a sign from the universe a gift for my birthday because I could missed that timing as I left the office later than my usual half day. #somuchwin

The next day it was PH's treat for me. This year Channy just had Katrina so it was just the two of us (which reminds me to start thinking where to bring her for her birthday next month). We had a nice fish & chips at Cor Blimey in Subang for dinner. I have not been there before and it was a nice change. The only thing was she told the server it was my birthday and asked if there was a free dessert? I was soooo embarrassed! Luckily it wasn't at Chilli's or TGIF if not I will faint! We did get a free dessert in the end (fried Snickers with ice cream).

The day before my birthday was our long awaited Pulau Ketam trip with my colleagues and ex-colleagues. The trip was nice and relaxing. It was cloudy all day and was breezy so it enjoyable. It rained when we got back to Klang Jetty so that was a bit of letdown. But all is good.

On my birthday itself for lunch I met up with SY. A long lunch to just chit chat and planned two holidays for the year. Can't wait!

At the end of the day I had dinner together with mom and dad, VK's family and WS's family. Just a simple casual one. And there was no cake. I hadn't had a cake for my birthday this year which SF exclaimed "Yi ma, why your birthday got nothing to eat? Why no cake?" Ahahahhahaa
I guess cakes are for kids after all for birthdays.

Of course I had lots of wishes on my birthday. Also some gifts too. Thanks so much. I guess a simple birthday like this is what I would like very much. 😄