Monday, May 1, 2017

Ohai! #3monthslate

Haih~ again late for three months. Does that mean I will only update every 3 months? Hahahahhaa

Sorry. Didn't have initiative and encouragement to update. But so many things has happened. I shall try to recap here to the best of my memory and my Instagram updates. (Need some reference)

Let's start!

As mentioned in the last post, CNY came and went without a glitch. Traditions were kept. Preparation for CNY was minimized as we had a more pressing event (the wedding). CNY is the time to meet with relatives and friends which we don't meet often and to update each other on our lives albeit short.

Although I must mention that I did miss out on a trip to Ho Chi Minh in February. As it was too near the wedding (a week before) and there were things to help out, I decided to sit out on this trip (luckily I just but the flight ticket). The finally came the wedding. It's Wai Sing & Wendy's wedding. We had the KL reception first and the following weekend was in Sibu. I was the emcee for his KL reception (as I did for all my siblings) and did some lettering for his reception table. #brushletteringcamehandy
I must put it out there that VK did most of the wedding prep helping this youngest brother. From DIY some of his wedding photos for guests, followed him for his pre-wedding studio scout, to arranging Yen to help out for photography and to arranging the hengdai and chimui's duties for the day. I only helped out here and there.

As for Sibu it was my first time being there and to visit Wendy's hometown. Auntie Elaine and Auntie Jenny came with us too. It was also SF and SJ's virgin flight. All I can say that Wendy's family was on a mission to make us gain a few kilos before we fly back to West Malaysia. They ordered so much food that I felt that I nearly exploded. Lol

With the wedding came to an end, things relatively slowed down a notch.

Nothing much happened during March. I think Dad was on a makan spree that we had beef noodles on a Sat night and Yut Kee for the next morning. It ended with Yut Kee's jam roll too. Also finally met up with the Gila gang (but without Frankie).

On April Fool's Day me and WS got our new phones! We got the HTC U Play in White.

Came April, time for Cheng Ming - prayers for the deceased. We went to Bentong and it rained. The first in sooo many years. (Actually the weather in Malaysia these days are crazy. It's already April and we are having non stop rainy days. Usually by now it would be very hot)

The week after that CY came back to KL and we went for Dim Sum. Searched SS15 to no avail and finally went opposite Main place. The same day I had an appointment with Erin and I met up with her in Main place. She had just came back from Shanghai.

The following week it was Channy's baby shower organized by Jasrene. We had a lovely tea time and I ended the night with PH watching FF8.

The following week we has a long weekend holiday and I had happened to be around Studio's area. Had wanted to visit Veron but she was out with her MIL and decided to makan with PH again. We ended the night at a nearby cafe playing Scrabble after buying groceries at Tesco.

This week was also a long weekend holiday due to Labour Day. First I was on duty for Angling Fair. As they didn't had half day work for Sunday I had opted out on Sunday. I had attended Sook Wai's baby fullmoon yesterday. It was at Bandar Menjalara, again I went to meet PH. I have been meeting this lady for 4 weeks straight (what a record). Don't think I will be meeting her next week tho. No reason to be at the area...hahahahhaa but fate will have it's ways. We shall see.

Also I want to note that I had been to Pavilion for two weekends straight for Bella. The first visit is just purely visit as Li Ling asked us to drop by. Yesterday was to attend a small workshop. Pavilion is not my usual shopping area and I wouldn't be in the area without a valid reason. Maybe my quota for Pavilion had been filled for the year. Lol

That's all the updates from the last post. Maybe I should aim for a monthly post? We shall see. Till then, 안녕!

P.S.: I'm missing Korea now. This time last year I was in Busan and Seoul.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Time just flew by...CNY is just around the corner (too early. Too little time, so much to do).

And I didn't manage to check in before the year ends and now I'm two weeks into the new year.

Things were just rapidly happening, I guess. SF is in Standard one this year, there is going to be a wedding next month which was coming confirmed just before the year ended (not mine!), work was informed to be more challenging and difficult in the coming future and BIP just ended with somewhat just as expected.

Aih...What a year it is going to be.

I'm going to focus on CNY that's happening next week, next month for the wedding (not mine) and the plan I had envisioned for March. March's plan is going to be challenging too. (And a hole in my pocket which I had thought of and has set aside for).

Other than that, I hope to further improve myself on my Korean, take Topik II (hopefully) and just overall being productive.

My resolution for the year would be to be productive. (Too wide a scope, eh?)

Happy New Year!