Wednesday, August 28, 2013

280813 Most eventful day

Just when we thought things were going uphill from where we were (space allocation / relocate / to move or not to move), we were thrown in with THIS! And the day is NOT OVER yet. We shall see tomorrow of the aftermath.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Malacca with SWDS friends

It was a mini getaway for 2D1N. Great fun, great company! Loved the house we stayed in thanks to Danny. Thanks to Calynn who showed us around. Thanks to Jazz for asking Calynn. Let the pictures to the talking...basically it is ALL ABOUT FOOD!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

030813 Happy Full moon Day!

To: Rayyan Darwish Wong!

May you be blessed with health and laughter always.


Manicure #3

I'm really starting to like doing nailart. But I am just so lazy. So on a not-so-busy night while watching YouTube online, I'd figured why not? Just paint and see how it goes and how it turns out. This was done just 2 nights ago.

Result: Not bad at all.
I give 7/10.
(Pardon the dry skin. I blame the weather and my lack of water and moisturizer intake while in TW)

Day 10: TPE - KUL

Last day in Taipei. ArtDi and I had made agreement earlier that we will sleep in without rushing. Managed to sleep in till 8am. The sun is really shining by then. We grabbed breakfast at another 早餐店 nearby before returning back to our mini apartment for last minute packing and freshening up as we were needed to check out at 12pm.

Since our flight is in the late evening (11pm), we had lots of time to spare by then. After leaving our luggages at the reception, we then went to Xi Men Ding area for jalan. ArtDi wanted to go ice skate (but in the end didn't manage to find) while us girls went to makan and shopping at Daiso and the surrounding area. We saw Vanness Wu's team preparing the stage for his Different Man promo. We didn't wait for his appearance tho as we were catching a flight. That's how close we were to meeting a star in TW.

And lucky that we called a taxi to ferry us to Taoyuan Airport. I cannot imagine lunging everything to the airport via HSR or the MRT. I cannot even...

Day 9: Din Tai Fung - 城品

We woke up early (VK's order) coz we are going for a scrumptious breakfast at Din Tai Fung in Dongmen branch. It is said that it is the official branch and we just had to go there early to avoid the crowd. Upon reaching, there were not much people and we thought we went to the wrong branch? In fact we were early by their standard. Food was great tho.

We left at around 10am to go and look for the Taipei Grand mosque for WK and managed to find it after quite a long walk. We then walked back to Dongmen to take the MRT and were greeted by a sea of people at Din Tai Fung. So it is TRUE.

We then proceed to 忠孝东路 to visit their SOGO and 城品。城品 is their famous bookstore and PC swore by it that we had to go there! We ended up not buying books but some MEGA EXPENSIVE skincare after much demo on our hands and face. *faint* Women's money is soo easy to earn.

After that, as we were walking in the department store we spotted some really cute cuppie cakes. Since we didn't really celebrate VK's bday before flying off (we celebrated mom's and SF's. Poor VK got left out) and she did mentioned that to get some cake in TW for her, I thought it was perfect to get her some. Guess which is hers?

The iconic Taipei 101. We didn't go up there as we were warned that there were many Chinese tourists from China. We only took am image of it from a distance.

Day 8: Jiufen - Shilin Night Market

Next day, after having breakfast at a 早餐店 nearby, we traveled by the MRT to their TRA (similar to KTM) to Rui Fang where we go to Jiufen! On the way there, I forgot to apply my sun screen and bb cream. We stopped by 7-11 and bought a mini tube. I am so in love with their 7-11. They have EVERYTHING!!! So convenient. How I wish the same could be said about our 7-11. (We ate at their 7-11 3 days in a row till ArtDi said STOP!)

Jiufen is a quaint little place and I absolutely adored it! Bought so many yummy treats to be given out. Although it is a tourist attraction area, it felt about just right.

Instead of hogging all the yummy items to our next destination, we head back to our mini apartment to leave our items and to freshen up and off we went to the 渔人码头 for the scenery. We caught the sun set and made way to Shilin Night Market.

Shilin is bursting with people all around and there is so much to see! I regret to say that we didn't manage to explore each and every lane. (There are way to many and things just looked the same) but I manage to get a feel of it. Would go there again for the food. I didn't manage to eat much there. =(

Day 7: TaiChung - Taipei

Good bye Sun Moon Lake. Hello Taipei! Took the bus from Sun Moon Lake to TaiChung HSR station and made our way to Taipei.

First to check in Taipei Backpacker's Hotel (or was it Hostel). I was pleasantly surprised by the room they reserved for us to stay (going in 3 does have its perks). A mini studio apartment smack in Xi Men Ding! Loved the accommodation!

Then we toured around Xi Men Ding for something to eat. We forgo-ed the temple itinerary which VK had arranged coz ArtDi was a bit tired of temples. Instead when evening came, we went straight to Shi Da Street Market to jalan. Not too crowded. I like.