Thursday, September 5, 2013

Triumph in the skies II

This is also how I felt after reading the synopsis of the drama, where it was headed. Part of the reason that I did not watch it the same time as everyone else is because the first series is so dear to me that I didn't want that to be rubbed off.

It will be forever Zoe and Sam. And Bella. And the original S4 team. The writers who wrote the script didn't actually hang around the original version which made it rather sad. I remember reading somewhere that Francis Ng commented that it will be better if they (the script writers) should dwell on Zoe on the remaining time in her life as the viewers want to know what happened and have a closure of some sort. Totally agree. Also want to see Sam and Zoe at her end of time.

That being said, I still would want to catch a glimpse of Captain Cool in action. I will watch this series in due time given that I have the full drama with me. It also depends on my mood. At this time, I want to relish the good times it has brought me in the first series.

#Photo taken on Feminine's September 2013 edition.

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