Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year 2015

It's been 15 days into the New Year. Apart being consumed by work (from December 2014 till now which is a norm for us) it has been rather uneventful till now. Probably due to all the festivities in December and once come January we just start over!

Year 2014 was okay to me. Besides being in attendance to many, many of my friend's wedding (which was towards the year end), I had a rather peaceful (read: nothing much) year (either that, or I just choose to ignore the bad ones and focus on the good). Yay to me!

Travel wise, I didn't manage to travel as much as I would like to. I only managed to squeeze in Sandakan which I still considered as a local trip albeit it requires to fly. Much plans were not materialized coz moi here couldn't take the plunge to go solo! You would not believe how many times I surfed the internet to only CANCEL before hitting the CONFIRM button for the travel. (Note to self: let's try again this year)

I have been blessed this year that nothing bad has happened to the people close to me who I love (family, friends) although an auntie has passed on due to cancer. I believe she has gone to a better place and that she has found peace there.

Relationship wise has been zero. Don't feel sorry for me coz I don't. =)

What plans do I harbor for the new year?

1. Stay healthy and safe.
2. Continue what I'm doing currently (Pilates, badminton, Korean, dance, cafe hopping, etc)
3. Travel more (2 trips has been confirmed. Let's see if I can squeeze in another one or two)
4. Spend more time with family and friends.
5. Travel solo.

That is what I could think of so far. Better not set unrealistic goals here. I think these are quite attainable.

Here's to a awesome year ahead!

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