Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First travel in 2015

It is to ... ... ... BANGKOK!!!

The last time I was in Bangkok was 10+ years ago. So it is was really nice to be back visiting the capital.

It was an all girls trip which we had shopping and food in mind. However, it was quite hard to find clothes that flatter me so I got shoes and bags instead. Finally visited the famed Chatuhak and got quite lost at first. However after researching the map and narrowing down our priorities (food and clothing) we found our path and BOY was the path long...but it was definitely rewarding. After dinner just before the day ends, we had a ritual of foot massages to take the pain on our feet away...

Food was definitely star of the trip and who can disagree that Thai food is AWESOME? Here are the many shots (the girls took more) on the trip...

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