Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last day of 2015

Today is the last day of 2015. As I watched posts / instagrams of many friends of how their 2015 went, I can't help but to also count my blessings for the past year. Even though I can't really ponder it month by month, I'll just categorize it my way.

There was some incidents within the family. Mom and SJ were hospitalized in the same hospital, VK had some health issues, some was faced with work-related problems and the four of us got the chicken pox. Despite all that, I'm blessed that there were no major problems after. Everyone are healthy and that is what matters the most. I pray and hope that everyone stays healthy throughout and will continue in the new year.

I'm happy to report that those closest to me are A-OK! Some minor bumps here and there. We even have a wedding to attend next year! Soooo excited and happy! Met some new friends, rekindled some friendship and lost some too along the way. D&J got married this year and it was the wedding of the year (in my books). So blessed to be involved in their wedding (albeit for a minor part).

I'm so blessed to be able to travel a few times. Last year I wasn't able to travel overseas (only to Sandakan). But this year the stars aligned and I went! BKK, JPN and TW!!! It was sooo nice to be back in BKK again after so long. Unlike most people who go BKK like they travel local, this is my second visit after 10 years? Can you believe that? First time to JPN and it definitely won't be my last! I'm sure I'll be back in the future!
As for TW, it was thanks to VK who was there for her Marketing Conference and she just extended her trip. I just follow. Also not forgetting a one day trip to SG! It was sooo tiring, next time have to spend a few more days instead of a day trip.
Local travels include to Malacca and JB. Not sooo exclusive huh? Let's hope that in 2016 will bring more!

There were many more! New places for cafe hopping, turned into BB VIP in June,  consciously spending more time with family and friends (but not as much as I hoped to) and scars left from the chicken pox. *sad*

Here are my resolutions (wishes) for the coming year:

1. Count my blessings more
2. Spend more time to connect and communicate with my family and friends
3. Take good care of ownself and family
4. Travel more (locally and overseas)
5. Try to do more for others

Overall I'm blessed that things are working out in the end. That we can healthily take our steps to the new year!

Goodbye 2015!
2016, I'm coming at ya!!!

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