Sunday, June 26, 2016


It's is our annual trip following #cittabellamalaysia for their #bellabettertogether event. #ilovebella

It always starts with lunch followed by two workshops. This year's workshop is by Kose (skincare and makeup) and Bandi (nail care). After that we are given some time to prepare for our dinner with the stars event. In this event, no one leaves empty handed as everyone will have something from the lucky draw. If you are lucky, you get more than one gift! I received one and that is quite enough. <3

Next day (today) is an exercise session and treasure hunt. Today's exercise was Zumba and we had breakfast first before our treasure hunt. We came in FIRST for treasure hunt!!! Last two rounds we were in 6th (last) and 5th.

Overall it was a great event spent with friends. Till next year!

#ilovebella #bellabettertogether2016 #cittabellamalaysia

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