Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 1 Sinchon & Hongdae

Second time in Korea within the year. I think I might have utilized my quota. Now I'm really not sure when is the next time I will be back.

We arrived in the morning and went to our accomodation in Sinchon but which is near to Hongdae.

The weather wasn't kind to us. It rained ALL DAY!!! Although I would much prefer it to bring VERY HOT in summer.

Accompanying VK as it is her first visit here. But we got an unruly welcome from the Ajumma from Hongik's Metro station who scolded us for not buying her shoes. Hey, it's my right whether to buy or not.

Anyway on to happier things, I showed VK some of the place which she missed previously and met up with Jazz. Also made a new friend (Jazz's friend).

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