Saturday, January 21, 2017


Time just flew by...CNY is just around the corner (too early. Too little time, so much to do).

And I didn't manage to check in before the year ends and now I'm two weeks into the new year.

Things were just rapidly happening, I guess. SF is in Standard one this year, there is going to be a wedding next month which was coming confirmed just before the year ended (not mine!), work was informed to be more challenging and difficult in the coming future and BIP just ended with somewhat just as expected.

Aih...What a year it is going to be.

I'm going to focus on CNY that's happening next week, next month for the wedding (not mine) and the plan I had envisioned for March. March's plan is going to be challenging too. (And a hole in my pocket which I had thought of and has set aside for).

Other than that, I hope to further improve myself on my Korean, take Topik II (hopefully) and just overall being productive.

My resolution for the year would be to be productive. (Too wide a scope, eh?)

Happy New Year!

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