Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CNY 2014

Still on a roll with CNY. It ain't over yet. Hahaha

Here's a recap of what happened for the past few days.

We had dinner outside breaking our 4 years steamboat reunion dinner tradition. We had nyonya food (halal. I must stress it is halal due to WK's family religion) at Seapark. It was quite okay only that the service is quite slow. It is manned by a group of aunties hence the reason. It was of many firsts: Rayyan's first reunion dinner with us and WS's GF joining in too.

CNY Day 1
Our yearly ritual is to gather at my eldest uncle's house for the tea pouring ceremony whereby the younger generation serve tea to each elder, one married couple at a time. Then it is off to the temple in the heart of KL. Usually after prayers, I will join the La-Sallians for our annual house hopping trip. We always hop till midnight. 😝

CNY Day 2
Destination: Malacca👴👵
We make our way to grandparents house and get ready for the lunch feast. (This tradition is in the second year running) I'm in charge of my sis's kids while she prepare. We have a steady increase of population each year and the house tends to get noisy when the kids are excited. 😁

CNY Day 3
Destination: Sekinchan
This tradition is in it's this year running. We pay a visit to our sworn family and it's getting crazier cox all the kids are about the same age and it's really "happening".👶

CNY Day 4 & 5
This year I planned to use these two extra days for movie marathon cox there were so many movies to watch OMG! However all plans went down the drain when I had scumbled to the flu.


Instead I spent the two days nursing myself back to health (still coughing BTW) and count my blessings. I still devoured into my favorite CNY cookies. Worry about the rest later. 😆

CNY Day 6
Start work! Since mom said it was a good day to start might as well follow.

Huat ah!

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