Friday, July 3, 2015

2015 Overseas Solo Flying

Another overseas trip in a span of a week! (After Singapore, although that wasn't really a trip overseas. #dontcare) Yay! #achievementunlocked #jetsetter #notreally #purecoincidence #travelling #flyingalone #flyingsolo #anotherachievementunlocked

This time since VK is in Taipei for her marketing conference, she had asked whether I would want to join her as she is extending her trip. I'm OK so long as it is not another two week trip. I'm running out of budget. And leaves. Hahaha...

Am flying alone for both flights to and flo because (1) VK is already there (2) She is flying MAS and since I cannot justify the air ticket price, I chose to fly budget. #airasiawins

I must say flying alone does have its perks (and cons) but I'm trying to savour this flying solo time. I won't be travelling overseas soon after this (read: three overseas trip in three months. #anotherachievementunlocked
Which means I'm running low on Vitamin M) =p

Came early to the airport, self checked in and had breakfast. Some time to spare before boarding. Thought I just update a bit.

Bye KL.
Hello Taipei!

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