Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 3 & 4 in Taipei

Day 3

After breakfast (we had 冷面) and headed out to Long Shan Temple (龙山寺) because it was too early to go to Taipei Main Station.

There were some prayers going on at the temple and we prayed our respects to the deities to bless us on our stay here.

The weather in Taipei is really hot (hotter than Malaysia). We were told that this summer is their hottest one yet! And we came right smack in the middle of it. #sohotcandie

After the temple, we went to Taipei Main Station for some shopping. VK's motive was to buy toys for the kids. And there was so many shops selling! The whole floor of Y section sells anything and everything (clothes, shoes, adults, kids, bags, foods, toys). There is also a section at the end where there are mirrors all around for people to practice their dance. After walking the whole area, we went back to our apartment as VK needed to rest.

At night we went to Raohe Market with the intention to buy PIGI bags. And we explored quite a bit at the area behind our apartment. Would not mind to stay here again next time.

Day 4

Out last day at Taipei. We only managed for breakfast behind the area and while waiting for our taxi (Merz) we packed our last mintur stuff. And now at the airport waiting for our flight back home.

See ya Taiwan.
Malaysia I'm coming home...

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