Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year 2016!

It's 29th February 2016!

A day which only comes every 4 years so here and is nearing its end too. I haven't done anything significant today so let's do a #throwback and see what my phone gallery has to offer... =)

Picking up from where I had left off earlier and go straight to Valentines Day! Which is also the 7th of CNY (everyone's birthday). I had lunch with my SWDS Family in Midvalley. Then I bumped into Erin, SC, Louisa and Aunty. After that, Jason and Maisie was over at 1120 which we went and had dinner together. How Jason and Maisie has grown! I has such a great day that day!

After that, it was quite mundane to be honest. Did some cafe hopping. Finally went to A Pie Thing and The Owls Cafe. Now hoping to visit more cafes during the weekend.

Happy Leap Year! See you in 2020!

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