Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 3 Ehwa University, Gwangjang Market, Dongdaemun, Itaewon


*** This trip around I didn't have much time to update, not even Instagram. While I did browse through but I never got to update much, which is quite out if the norm for me during my travels. I guess that we are really utilizing our stay in Seoul. Anyway, back to the post. ***

We started the day with laundry. Hahaha

I brought only 3 outfit for our 5 days as I believe that we will be getting new clothes from our shopping in Ehwa.

Ehwa proved to be fruitful as we had bought lots of stuff. Ate some of the street food before adjourning to Gwangjang market. We decided to leave our purchases back at the hostel (best decision ever) before meeting Jazz and Bee at Gwangjang market. Manatau VK suddenly informed that she had misplaced her phone and we backtracked our steps back to the hostel where we had found it.

We were really late reaching Gwangjang market. Luckily both Jazz and Bee were gracious too wait for us. We tried the bibindeok which is quite nice. And walked around Gwangjang for a while.

Since we had some time to spare before our appointment with Seon Young, we dropped by Dongdaemun so VK can see for herself the toy street.

Both me and VK and Seon Young and her friend Hee Jin arrived at the station at the same time. Apparently we were in the same train but different coach.

Both Seon Young and Hee Jin brought us for BBq (requested by us) and we walked quite a bit. Not that I mind, as we managed to see a different side of Itaewon as we walked in between streets and over the hills.

The place which we ate is crazily crowded. But the ambience couldn't get any more local and I love it. After dinner and maekju we headed for coffee to have a chat as the BBq place wasn't a conducive place to make conversations.

We ended the night saying our goodbyes on the metro platform but it was the best night to date.

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