Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 4 Myeongdong, Hongdae


*** This trip around I didn't have much time to update, not even Instagram. While I did browse through but I never got to update much, which is quite out if the norm for me during my travels. I guess that we are really utilizing our stay in Seoul. Anyway, back to the post. ***

Today, we went to Hongdae first. As we wanted to get some specific items back home. Then we dumped our loot back at the hostel and made our way to Myeongdong. We went around the streets and came across this shop which sold ice cream in the shape of a rose. I had one of those and VK had the Honey comb one. Both are mouth watering delicious! VK wanted to visit the cathedral and I brought her there. After that, we went down the road and saw many of the roadside hawkers popped out simultaneously one after the other. My guess is that the law enforcers were around and they went into hiding. Since they just came out, we would need to wait a while for them to start their cooking.

Then I went to find 8 seconds. The one store I had in mind to pop over due to GD's collaboration with them. I bought two clothings there (yes, I'm a GD fan) while VK just rolled her eyes at me. I'm a happy girl!

After that it's makan time to sapu the street food! Both of us ate RM100 worth of street food, it was nuts. But oh so rewarding.

Then I took her to the opposite side to see their cute Tayo bus station, Robocar Poli, Amber and Pororo. Then we walked around the underground shopping where I bought a BB light stick! I've been thinking of getting it since forever. (I'm a little cray, I know)

After that, we returned back to Hongdae for a final walk before returning to the hostel earlier so that we can shower and do our last laundry before packing up for our return home.

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