Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 9: Din Tai Fung - 城品

We woke up early (VK's order) coz we are going for a scrumptious breakfast at Din Tai Fung in Dongmen branch. It is said that it is the official branch and we just had to go there early to avoid the crowd. Upon reaching, there were not much people and we thought we went to the wrong branch? In fact we were early by their standard. Food was great tho.

We left at around 10am to go and look for the Taipei Grand mosque for WK and managed to find it after quite a long walk. We then walked back to Dongmen to take the MRT and were greeted by a sea of people at Din Tai Fung. So it is TRUE.

We then proceed to 忠孝东路 to visit their SOGO and 城品。城品 is their famous bookstore and PC swore by it that we had to go there! We ended up not buying books but some MEGA EXPENSIVE skincare after much demo on our hands and face. *faint* Women's money is soo easy to earn.

After that, as we were walking in the department store we spotted some really cute cuppie cakes. Since we didn't really celebrate VK's bday before flying off (we celebrated mom's and SF's. Poor VK got left out) and she did mentioned that to get some cake in TW for her, I thought it was perfect to get her some. Guess which is hers?

The iconic Taipei 101. We didn't go up there as we were warned that there were many Chinese tourists from China. We only took am image of it from a distance.

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