Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 8: Jiufen - Shilin Night Market

Next day, after having breakfast at a 早餐店 nearby, we traveled by the MRT to their TRA (similar to KTM) to Rui Fang where we go to Jiufen! On the way there, I forgot to apply my sun screen and bb cream. We stopped by 7-11 and bought a mini tube. I am so in love with their 7-11. They have EVERYTHING!!! So convenient. How I wish the same could be said about our 7-11. (We ate at their 7-11 3 days in a row till ArtDi said STOP!)

Jiufen is a quaint little place and I absolutely adored it! Bought so many yummy treats to be given out. Although it is a tourist attraction area, it felt about just right.

Instead of hogging all the yummy items to our next destination, we head back to our mini apartment to leave our items and to freshen up and off we went to the 渔人码头 for the scenery. We caught the sun set and made way to Shilin Night Market.

Shilin is bursting with people all around and there is so much to see! I regret to say that we didn't manage to explore each and every lane. (There are way to many and things just looked the same) but I manage to get a feel of it. Would go there again for the food. I didn't manage to eat much there. =(

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