Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 10: TPE - KUL

Last day in Taipei. ArtDi and I had made agreement earlier that we will sleep in without rushing. Managed to sleep in till 8am. The sun is really shining by then. We grabbed breakfast at another 早餐店 nearby before returning back to our mini apartment for last minute packing and freshening up as we were needed to check out at 12pm.

Since our flight is in the late evening (11pm), we had lots of time to spare by then. After leaving our luggages at the reception, we then went to Xi Men Ding area for jalan. ArtDi wanted to go ice skate (but in the end didn't manage to find) while us girls went to makan and shopping at Daiso and the surrounding area. We saw Vanness Wu's team preparing the stage for his Different Man promo. We didn't wait for his appearance tho as we were catching a flight. That's how close we were to meeting a star in TW.

And lucky that we called a taxi to ferry us to Taoyuan Airport. I cannot imagine lunging everything to the airport via HSR or the MRT. I cannot even...

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