Sunday, April 27, 2014

270414 Eventful day

It has been a rather eventful day today. It started out rather great! I had breakfast at home bought by my dad, I had enough time to leisurely arrive at studio, I even dressed up to a hip hop theme too. Lunch was at a cozy new place in TTDI. Then as I headed home...

BANG! Next thing I knew I was at the police station doing the report and going down to Tun H S Lee Traffic Station doing statement. I wasn't at fault, the accident involved 5 cars back to back with me being in the middle (third car). The car last in line hit us all. Luckily for us only our cars took the impact and suffered. We (the people) are all okay.

Came home to unwind watching #starawards20 and enjoy family's company.

As I reflect on this, I am grateful for:

1. I am unharmed and alive. Coz this could totally take a bad turn! You never know what accidents could end up.

2. I have great friends and family. Thanks to both Danny & Jazz who were with me at the start and I asked them to leave first knowing they had an appointment for dinner. Being there with me at first hand really just outs me at peace coz sometimes you do not have a clear head after getting a shock.

3. The nice people I encountered. This I'm referring to the other drivers involved in the accident. Thanks to En. M and family who guided me all the way to Tun H S Lee Traffic Police Station. The guy at the police station who guided us all the way to meeting the officer in charge (although I know that he was trying to get business from me).

4. I think we managed to get the things done fairly quickly despite being on a weekend, the roads partially closed for President Obama's visit and all.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I just hope that this small incident is to take its place for a big incident. As the saying goes:大事化小、小事化无。

Tomorrow will be a better day. All bad things will come to an end. Fighting!

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