Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Weddings

There were 3 weddings in March 2014 which were on the weekends back to back which kick started the whole wedding scene for me.

1. Ex-colleague Chia's wedding
The wedding was quite a small scale and I was quite surprised that she put me and another ex-colleague at the table right in front of the stage (and the speaker too). Felt so happy for her! 😘🎉

2. La-Sallian Master Ong's wedding
This was the wedding that I was looking forward to simply because it was a La-Sallian affair. It was always fun to attend La-Sallian functions as you can expect lots of laughter from start to end. Totally enjoyed myself. I must point out the video for the morning session was beautifully done. All of us agreed. It was enjoyable to watch.

3. Colleague Yuen Ching's wedding
This was more like work related function but we enjoyed it nonetheless because everyone put down their designation and came out as friends. I must mention that the food that night at Oriental Pavilion was simply delicious! The names were quite apt and lovely. The first 4 dishes literally blew me away; especially the first dish and the fish dish. Oh the fish, I'm salivating just thinking about that fish. 😂

Blessed marriage to all!

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