Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Perth - Day 2

We are out to play. First stop is to go to Penguin Island! To get there we need to take a boat and the ferry is 45mins out of Perth City in the outskirts. Admiring the view as we head out.

The wind was as quite strong and I was freezing! We had a nice guided tour around the area and it was facinating to see the animals up close! Pelicans, dolphins, Kings Skink, Seal and etc. Obviously we were not able to see the penguins. They go fishing out in the early mornings and only come back an hour after sunset.

Lunch was at the jetty's Pengo's cafe. We had a lovely fish and chips and I had a mocha to go along with it. We eat outdoors and our food and drinks got cold pretty fast!

After that we headed to Caversham Wildlife Park where we met with most of the AUS animals. Wombat, Possum, Koala, Kangaroo and etc. Did you know that the Koala sleeps for 20 hours and wakes up for 4 hours to eat? Sounds like a good life to me. The kangaroos were very chill with all the visitors feeding and taking its picture. Totally cool.

Finally it is time to go back to the hotel. We made a pit stop at Woolworths to stock up on our groceries and food to eat back at our hotel room. The strawberries were really sweet, I love it! Gotta go and stock up soon. Eat All the Strawberries!

That marks the end for Day 2.

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