Sunday, July 23, 2017

Perth - Day 6

We were so tired in the morning from yesterday's activities that we decided not to go anywhere but be in the hotel to pack our bags home. We just enjoyed our time eating whatever is left in the fridge and packing our things.

We took the bus from the hotel to the airport (all 20+ of us) and I've experienced the bus's considerate moves. They actually lead out the ramp for us as we were pulling all the luggages. (I can see the disable using this feature).

We were fairly early to the airport (our flight was at 4:40pm and we reached around 1:30pm). So we had lots of time to spare to continue eating our food (there was cakes, bread, oranges, yogurt - browns brand). I wished we were able to shop in their supermarket one more time to buy their Vegemite, peanut butter and some other tidbits as suggested by Nana. Will take note for next time.

We reached back KLIA2 at 10:30pm and reached home almost 12am. I was absolutely pooped returning home that I didn't even wash up.

That's the end of our Perth trip. What can I say about the trip: Perth is a beautiful city. I wished I had been able to explore more (King's Park, Fremantle Market).

Travelling in a big group is definitely not for me. I'd prefer in smaller groups (5 maximum) for the flexibility of it. Travelling in a big group requires more patience and effort.

I really enjoyed travelling with our group of 5. Except when they start taking photos 360 degrees with their uncountable patterns. I liked that it was like having 5 moms who would look after you.

Time to clear up my mind as work commences tomorrow.

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