Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perth - Day 4

It is our free and easy day. Weather was kind to us in a lot of ways (rained when we are indoors). Again we have the skies to thank. Thank Buddha!

We (a BIG group of 20+ of us) took the bus and train to Fremantle.

Our first stop is the Round House. It is their old jail which is now a part of their Heritage. Round House because it is in a round shape. The cell and officers office are in it. There are around 8 cells with no windows. I shudder to think what it will be like in the cell with the doors closed.

Next is the Bathers Beach which is below the Round House. The wind was very rough on us today. Maybe it is telling us to go faster? Coz it made us take two steps forward with every step we took.

Lunch is at Sweetlips Fremantle. Which is Fish and Chips (again). Lol we ordered a sharing platter with grilled fish, prawns, squid and fries.

Then we went to the habour for more pictures before the shopping started. I bought some postcards to be sent back home and family and friends. Luckily the post office is just 6 doors away from the souvenir shop. I must thank VK for enlightening me the "send a postcard home" while on vacation. At least there is something to look forward to. Also as a souvenir.

Then we headed to the cheapest chemist for shopping of supplements. I bought some cheap makeup as souvenir. Then the four of us had to head back first to meet up with Auntie Elaine's friend who helped is to buy Tim Tams (coz it was on offer). Before we head back we stopped by Woolworths again to stock up on food (Strawberries were going for 2 for $4. We bought 4). And I had to go and buy us some cakes co it's mom's birthday today! After that we had to lunge all that back to the hotel and we were pooped. After that Auntie Maggie's boss came to visit her and Auntie Elaine's friend came shortly after. We had a nice time chit chatting.

Auntie Maggie announced (after she had returned after her "kidnap") that her boss wants to belanja us for dinner the next day. Lol

We had so much laughs that night.

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