Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perth - Day 3

Headed up North. It was 1-2 hours drive each way. Weather was reported to be rainy and windy. I have to say that we have the skies to thank as it rained when we were indoors (in the bus) and sunny when we visited the places of interest.

First up, Lancelin Sand Dune. We got to try to do sand boarding. It is soooo much fun! But the climb up is exhausting. With sands going in your shoes / socks. I only managed to do two rounds.

Lunch was at Lobster Shack. Our driver was competing with the other tour group to get there first. Lol so that we can eat first because the orders queue up. It was yummy!

After that we headed to the Pinnacles Desert. We just took pictures around the dessert starting point coz 1) we have 40 mins for this activity 2) no sense of direction 3) we wouldn't want to get lost.

It is Guilderton / Moore River next. It had been raining ever since we left Pinnacles Desert. So by the time we arrived at Guilderton it was cloudy and windy. The sky was quite glum as we disembarked the bus. But slowly but surely the sun made its way out and we had a lovely view of the river. It was glorious to say the least. Just beautiful!

Our guide made a pitstop at Yanchep National Park for us to see some wild kangaroos. They are really afraid of people unlike the ones in the zoo. As the bus approached they hopped away! It was so cute and there was so many of them. Some just stared at us (like who are you?) as we went clicker crazy on the bus. Lol

We reached back into the city at 6:30pm and it was already pitch black. Too tired for more walking me and Auntie Maggie went to the nearest supermarket to stock up on some veggies and yogurt. And that's for Day 3.

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