Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 5 - Ehwa Women's University, Yonsei University and Hangang Park

This morning, Seon Young cooked breakfast for us! I'm so touched and blessed. It was a simple meal but oh so satisfying.

We then headed to Ehwa Women's University for more sightseeing and shopping. I wasn't as shopaholic as I was 4 years ago. Must be the age...sigh...still it was great seeing familiar scene.

Then we adjourned back to Sinchon to head on to Yonsei University. On the way there, there was a street performance by Kakao Talk's mascot dancing to "Pick Me". It was so cute...

After Yonsei, we had dinner with Seon Young where she took us for BBQ dinner. It was a very satisfying and full meal.

Finally we adjourned to Hangang Park to walk off the calories and took lots of pics!

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