Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 8 - Palaces & Insadong

The sun was shining bright this morning. We (more like I) decided to visit the Palace grounds. The sun was shining bright alright, I totally underestimated the wind tho.

We started with the post office as we sent our postcards back home to family and friends. We proceeded to Gwanghwamun Square where there is a memorial for the Sewol Ferry Victims. May they rest in peace.

After visiting King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, we proceeded to Gyongbokgung Palace. There was people mountain people sea. We just visited the grounds but didn't go in. And proceeded to Bukchon Hanok Village. We had a long walk around the area and took our own sweet time to explore the place.

After that we went for lunch at a very quaint Korean restaurant.

Out of the three palaces around the area, we chose to visit the Changdeokgung Palace. The Secret Garden was closed for the day due to the strong winds.

Finally we walked around Insadong and Ssamziegil before returning to the hostel.

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