Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day 7 - DMZ

Our DMZ tour starts at 8:10am waiting to be picked up by the tour company. We were then brought to be joined with the other tourists for the trip.

Sadly the weather is not helping. It is raining and very cloudy and we could hardly see much. The weather is soooo cold because the wind was howling. Luckily we were transported via the bus, if not I wouldn't know how we would have survived the cold. Maybe hide in the metro till coast is clear?

We went to a tunnel which was dugged by the North Koreans and the tunnel was very steep. Makes me wonder the determination and hard work when it was done 30&40 years ago...

After our half day tour, we went back to Hongdae because we wanted to try the Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken) which I saw yesterday. That pot of soup was just what a doctor would order on a cold day. And that Samgyetang was soooo delicious.

After that late lunch, we went shopping as I had orders from VK. We went back to Ehwa as well and braved through the wind. Luckily it didn't howl when we got there. It was towards the end of it which we happily left back to the hostel.

P/S: I had also tried the Honey Butter Chips. It is really really good! Worth the hype.

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