Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 9 - Namdaemun, N Seoul Tower & Myeongdong

We started the day with Namdaemun. The streets were full of people. Btw, it is Children's Day today.

Bought the kids clothes and ate some fruits. Then we made our way to N Seoul Tower. After asking a few people we managed to reach to the cable car station to only find out that there is a 60minutes waiting time. Say what? Mom says not wait (we didn't wanna hike to the tower either), so I took her picture with the tower and we left for Myeongdong.

I never knew Myeongdong is soooo near to N Seoul Tower. I ended up near the neighbourhood which I stayed 4 years ago. I was quite ecstatic to be in a familiar neighbourhood. But then the shops around it changed. More cafes around that area now. And in conjunction with Children's Day, they had a sort of carnival along the road. Took some pictures of the familiar surroundings and also the hostel I used to stay, EO. We sat at the park nearby observing the people and visited the underground market. That area definitely changed. It is better lit, more shops and definitely looked better.

Myeongdong is always busy with people. Today I felt it especially because mountain people mountain sea. Too many in fact. After getting our stuff, we can't wait to exit Myeongdong.

We went back to our hostel for a rest and later on googled for our dinner suggestion. The place is really near our hostel and there are tons of  eatery there. Will go back tomorrow for last round of food adventures.

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