Sunday, May 10, 2015

Japan Day 10 - Universal Studio Japan

It is theme park day today! But it has been drizzling most of the day...however that did not dampen our spirit for fun! There were lots of people (coz it's Saturday).

We made our way to Harry Potter to get the timed entrance ticket. And to kill time, we went for the Jaws boat ride. It was awesomely real with the narrator's expression (kudos to the Japanese) and real fire.

Then we finally can go into the Harry Potter section. It really seems so magical...we had butter beer, met the wand keeper, explored the castle and the streets...

We then proceeded to Sesame Street, Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Had lunch at Peanuts, queued for kiddie rides and took lots and lots of pictures.

We explored the streets and saw 2 shows, one of it being the Terminator. The waiting time was crazy for the popular rides, shows, and one went to 160mins!

Overall, I totally enjoyed it despite having to wait most of the time...


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