Friday, May 8, 2015

Japan Day 9 - Takayama to Osaka

We left Takayama at 7am in the cold morning and reached Osaka 5 1/2 hours later. Upon reaching Osaka, we deposited our luggage in the locker and proceeded to the Tourist information counter to get details and after that to eat lunch. Lunch was spaghetti Japanese style. Quite okay.

Then we went jalan jalan around as there are a lot of malls near the JR Osaka. We spent some time at an indoor amusement park and played two games. It was quite fun! I later bought something for myself (splurged on it) and went crazy at H&M (both VK and I).

Later during the rush hour, we went to search for our Airbnb apartment and had to walk 1.3km lunging our luggage. (Hands in pain) Apartment was a little quaint place with decent facilities. Need to explore the area tho. We were so knacked that we skipped dinner (ate some of the snacks we bought in the afternoon).

Not much photos today tho...

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