Thursday, May 7, 2015

Japan Day 8 - Takayama to Shirakawago

Today was a bit leisurely. We started with a very COLD morning by walking all the way to their morning market. The market is like our pasar pagi little nooks and things here and there. Ate a bit before getting our authentic Japanese breakfast.

Next we headed to Hida Folk Village to admire the many houses from ancient times. I must say that the Japanese really do their preserving well. The view is splendid too.

After that, we had our lunch and we literally had to gobble up because our half day tour coach was already waiting. Luckily we weren't the last.

Next was the highlight of our trip. Shirakawago, a UNESCO Heritage Site. The view is of course incredible and VK suggested we should come to stay here during their winter time. I need to buy at least 10 heat tech first...

I also saw a lot of sakuras at Shirakawago and therefore satisfying my quest to see them with my own two (err, four) eyes...

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