Monday, May 4, 2015

Japan Day 4 - Hiroshima to Kyoto

I missed the update as i was nursing a sore throat. We left Hiroshima in a drizzle and was informed that the weather will head up to Kyoto. And it did. Kyoto was quite gloomy when we arrived.

As were not able to check in upon arrival at Kyoto, we put our bags in storage and went on foot to makan and jalan. We went to two temples, Higashi-Honganji and Nishi-Honganji on foot. (Both temples are really near where we are staying right now at Kyoto).

Then we slowly made out way to our one night accommodation which was very near to Kinkakuji temple and Ryoanji Temple. The accommodation is a bit run down but the location was great.

Got myself some sore throat pills and turned in early.

Not much pictures, but it will do...

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