Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Japan Day 7 - Kyoto to Takayama

Today we woke up bright and early (by our usual standards) to catch our bus which will take us to Takayama.

I slept through the two hour plus ride after the first rest stop.

Takayama is very much like our own Cameron Highlands. Like what VK described, Takayama is like Tanah Rata and Shirakawago (which we will go tomorrow) is like Brinchang. I liked that description.

Upon reaching Takayama, it is slightly chilly with some breeze and the sun shining just about right. After leaving our baggage with our hostel in the Zenkoji Temple (too early to check in) we looked for lunch. And we came across a shop selling udon and soba. The server did a double take when we ordered Hot Soba instead of the cold one like everyone else. Walked around town before adjourning back to the hostel.

Managed to do the laundry after showering and went out again for dinner. Similar to Cameron Highlands, the road was fairly empty by 7pm local Japan time.

We couldn't manage to find other Japanese eateries and settled for McD. It was really cold at night (18°C - 19°C, weather expected to hit lowest at 9°C) and I was glad that the room had a heater and electrical blanket (VK even asked for a fan). -____________-

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